PVC Wall Protection

Why PVC?
Because we believe that Door + Wall Protection means more than preventing maintenance, we give you options to meet your biggest building challenges. From material technology that’s good for the environment to products that don’t look like wall protection but still act like it, we do it all with the same durability you’ve come know us for over the years.

PVC Wall panels works with numerous large chain retailers to provide interior protection products that keep their stores looking newer longer, which enhances the customer experience.

PVC Wall Products Installed

As in other installations of this type, PVC products are used in corridors and back-of-house applications where carts and other equipment move:

– Hi-impact corner guards

– Rigid sheet wall cladding

  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution
PVC Wall protection products provide an attractive and virtually maintenance-free, stain and mildew resistance choice for high-traffic interiors found in hospitals, hotels, and other commercial environments.

Protect your walls from damage and eliminate never-ending costly repairs from scratches, dents and scrapes with these rigid, durable wall panel strips and rolls. Available in 2 thicknesses and over 100 color. protectors give you the look you want without sacrificing protection. For the perfect seamless finish purchase the inside corners, top caps, vertical dividers and matching vinyl seal. Scratch and stain resistant rigid vinyl construction.
Rolled rigid vinyl wall guard panels are available in two thickness: .040″ and .060″

PVC sheets minimize seams and increase design fluidity
Over 100 color options: over 90 Standard Colors, and over 20 Element Pattern Colors
Durable, long lasting, and easy to clean
Matching accessories available for standard colors: inside corners, top caps, dividers, caulk

Let your creativity reign. Protect your door’s most vulnerable area while utilizing color and artistic flare to create a matching color kick plate. Available in 60 Colors and .040″ or .060″ thick. Ideal for protecting your doors from wear and tear associated with heavy foot traffic.